Here you will find information and guidance on having a planned Caesarean section, the preparation for the operation, and the process during your stay at the hospital and the first few days after your discharge home.
The information also covers that of an emergency Caesarean section except for the section on "Preparation for planned Caesarean section".
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Your preparations for the surgery

Examinations prior to the Caesarean Section

Prepare for your planned Caesarean Section

About the surgery

At the OR

The Anaesthesia

Bladder Catheter

The Operation

Skin to Skin Caesarean Section

Risks and side effects


After surgery but still in hospital

The first Hours after the Operation

Admission to the Ward after the Caesarean Section

When you come home

Pain-relief Medication

Removal of Staples/Clips from the Wound

Irritation of or around the Scar

Further healthcare appointments

Influence on future pregnancy and birth

More information

The Inter-professional Training Unit (Studieafsnittet)


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