Giving birth is different from woman to woman. Women are different, so is the experience of giving birth and also the need for pain relief.
The experience of the body's opening for the child does not only depend on the physical aspects. Anxiety and nervousness can amplify the pain, whilst information, being calm and present can reduce the experience of pain.
It has been proven that both the midwife's and father's presence in the delivery room increases the mother's feeling of security and reduces the need for pain relief. Women that have attended antenatal classes also use less pain relief resources.

Unfortunately you are not able to predict how it is going to be or feel but herhaps you will have some expectations to the process.
If you have given birth before, then you may know how a birth can be experienced. However your next birth can differ, as there are no two births alike. We will do everything we can to meet your needs and wishes, no matter how you feel about labour and which wishes you might have for pain relief during labour.

First of all it is important that you know that you can do something yourself, so that you can handle the process that is happening to your body during labour.

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